Katharine Cooper-Arnold, MPH

NHLBI, Clinical Project Manager

Katharine has an MPH in infectious disease epidemiology from the University of Connecticut and a certification in Industrial Hygiene (IH). At the University of Connecticut Occupational and Environment Clinic, she managed studies on occupationally acquired respiratory lung diseases, and conducted IH evaluations of clinic patients and their works sites, including a TB outbreak among county sheriffs in a Hartford jail. Subsequent to her work at UConn, she spent the next part of her career working in the pharmaceutical industry managing large global registrational clinical trials and compassionate use programs as well as working in the epidemiologic forecasting and modeling group across several therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology, and virology.

Katharine joined the NHLBI in June 2012 as a contractor and in September-2014 became a federal employee. She provides clinical trials guidance to the HFN and serves as a regulatory resource in her role as a member of OCR.